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About the Company


MeiTan – A modern brand under which, more than 400 cosmetic and hygiene products including health-related products are produced.

Place, where MeiTan is founded - Barnaul, Altai, Russia


MeiTan is born out of a vision. A vision to lead a beautiful and fruitful life

Today, despite the fact that the Company employs hundreds of thousands of consultants, we continue to believe our greatest value i.e. people. The Company therefore, once having humbly desired to conquer Russia, is steadily growing in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries.


By becoming a consultant of MeiTan, you can develop your own business in cooperation with a strong partner - MeiTan. You have the opportunity to support social initiatives of the Company and to help people. You can enjoy a good quality product to offer it to yourself and to others. All the doors, in front of you are open and all the opportunities are presented!

Aim! Believe in yourself! And MeiTan will make every effort to make you feel the support of a strong partner on your way towards fulfillment of your Dream!


Advantages of the Company

MeiTan – it is an attractive and successful business. By inspiring people to realize their dreams, we give them a secure foothold that is based on values ​​and principles of our business - honesty, sincerity, integrity and professionalism.

 MeiTan - A lucrative business without initial capital!

  • Purchase products with 33% discount

  • 50% instant profit from the sale of products against the catalog price

  • An invitation to friends and acquaintances of MeiTan is equal to business development and growth of income (bonus discounts).

  • Additional programmes under the incentive plan (President’s Grant, Holiday fund, valuable gifts under the Marketing Plan), incentive promotions and shares.

MeiTan – Highly effective products under its own brand!

  • Product-base contains unique exotic ingredients as well as the latest developments in modern cosmetology

  • Quick and visible effect

  • Exclusive production of MeiTan cosmetics at the certified factories in China and Thailand (GMP and ISO 9001:2008).

  • Promotion of MeiTan cosmetics exclusively through a network of consultants.

 MeiTan – Self-development!

  • Participation of world-class leading specialists and practitioners in the training events and workshops.

MeiTan – Reliable!

  • Openness of the Management to constructive discussions

  • Transparency and honesty in business

  • Compliance with the Company’s Code of Ethics.

 MeiTan - Social responsibility!

  • Has its own charitable project “Life is unique"

  • Targeted use of funds from the charity fund to help young patients at children's hospitals.


Types of partnership

A partner can make a choice by signing a contract with the Company.

  • If he would only have a discount on the products, he can remain in the status of a “Regular Client” and can receive 10% discount on the products from the catalog price.

  • In case, if a partner intends to do business in the Company (sell a product, build a structure and develop), he needs to make a lump sum purchase of not less than 45 tan and acquire the status of a “Consultant” and, accordingly, receive a discount of 33% (from the catalog price) and buy a starter package of documents.

  • In case, if a “Regular Client” subsequently decides to move to the status of a “Consultant” in the future, which is often the case, he needs to purchase the products for at least 45 tan and the starter package of documents within a month. Then the report should be registered in the Company at the end of the month and the next month - the discount will become 33%, and the possibility of building own business with MeiTan is achieved.


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